Andreas Adamas

Managing director
Co-founder, TRAINAHEAD®

His entrepreneurial life has led him from change management to sales, production and outsourcing. His educational background ranges from business administration and economy to sales and psychology. Andreas has an extensive experience in coaching and sales training and is therefore considered a sparring for his business partners.

15 years of practicing and teaching Kyokushin Karate earned him the black belt at the age of 23 together with 15 years of employment in different international organisations and industries inspired him to create a business of health friendly training products within a ZEN-orientated style.

Andreas has been indispensable for the company developing the line of products and selection at hand today and his background in business and in sports has proven essential and fundamental for the evolvement of TRAINAHEAD®.

Andreas’ personal mission:

“to offer the markets the best, eco-friendly exercise accessories with a minimalistic and high scale design”