Ditte Overgård Adamas

Creative director
Co-founder, TRAINAHEAD®

Ditte has a considerable background in fashion and by the age of 23 she founded a company with design, production, marketing and sales. She holds a bachelor of commerce in human resources and she loves to deal with human relations. She is the born presenter and entrepreneur. At the age of 24 she learned the method of pilates and became a pilates diploma instructor in Vancouver, Canada at the Physical Mind Institute. Since then Ditte learned The Menezes Method at the Pilates Institute of Australasia / PIA.

Ditte summarised her experience and opened the first mat work pilates studio in Copenhagen, Denmark at the age of 25 working closely with physiotherapists, osteopaths and instructors for 7 years. She has released 12 pilates DVD´s being the instructor on these and she is today the best known pilates instructor from Danish Television. Ditte has been an invaluable part of TRAINAHEAD® and through her experience with the application of the products she has added the essential touch making the company what it is today.

Ditte’s personal mission:
“to create the optimal exercise solutions for body, mind and soul”