TRAINAHEAD® was founded in 2009 by two shareholders and today offers a variety of products with a unique design made from eco-friendly materials.

A main inspiration and reason to establish TRAINAHEAD® derived from running a Pilates mat-work studio for 7 years in Copenhagen, Denmark. During these 7 years besides teaching and running the business TRAINAHEAD® also sold merchandise from different suppliers. On a daily basis we learned a lot from the feedback from our clients and through the daily teaching we learned about what mattered in regard to making the right kind of exercise equipment. TRAINAHEAD® today has an extensive network of advisors who are either trainers, physiotherapists, osteopaths or business owners.

TRAINAHEAD® began their product range creating several exercise DVD’s from which 3 titles are presently offered in English language. Two of these titles we filmed in the Maldives and exercising to the DVD’s adds an extra feeling of paradise to the concept.

We believe in working win-win with our business partners and in developing a strong and long lasting business relationship. Today TRAIANHEAD® work with Distributors and Retailers not only in Denmark but also in several countries around the world. With its carefully selected product range TRAINAHEAD® is looking to expand sales to many more parts of the world.

We welcome new distributors and wholesalers with whom we match.