bank + paypal


TRAINAHEAD® offers their customers the additional option of making smaller payments through PayPal. Doing payment through bank transfer is also a good and also cheap way to make payments, but for smaller amounts PayPal offers you the additional advantages of:

Paying conveniently and quickly
Use all major credit cards
Achieve the credit limits and additional payment terms from your credit card provider

Using our PayPal solution we will convert your pricing into Danish Kroner (DKK) and invoice you from PayPal in Danish Kroner (DKK). In this way you will be charged a standard PayPal percentage fee for the currency conversion just like doing a bank transfer.

TRAINAHEAD® offers to undertake the remaining PayPal Cross-Border standard rate, which is up to 4 % + DKK 2.60 (fixed). This is considered a discount from us to you as buyer.

When transferring bigger amounts we recommend a bank transfer which will be a fixed fee for you. Our bank details will also be shown on your invoice, but here they are:



IBAN: DK1593144573442771 (DKK)

IBAN: DK0993144578161444 (USD)

IBAN: DK4793144578273765 (EUR)